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Tagesarchive: 10. Februar 2015

The Arcturian Group ~ Channeled by Marilyn Raffaele ~ February 1, 2015


marilynraffaele FEBRUARY 1, 2015

We come again dear ones, to speak of love and oneness, for in reality there is nothing else.  Accepting this has proven difficult for many, because outer appearances testify to separateness.  Society promotes and functions from this viewpoint and it is what you have taken for granted through many lifetimes. Yes, indeed the many do appear separate, but it is individuality within ONE omnipresent Consciousness that you see.

As you mature spiritually there comes a point where you no longer judge by appearances because you understand that what you see  is the mind interpretation of ever present spiritual realities.  This is why the world has been called „illusion“ by so many enlightened masters.  The world is not illusion, how it is perceived  is the illusion.

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