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Tagesarchive: 3. Februar 2014

Lady Nada ~ LOVE: The Quintessence of Your Very Being ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda on January 30, 2014


LoveandCompassionLady Nada, January 30, 2014:

Hello dear ones…I am speaking today about Love in a form many of you have never seen or felt before in quite this fashion. By now many of you are experiencing Love in a broader perspective and sense than what you have been used to. It has now become of the quintessence of your very being. Many of you walk, talk and experience Love in every moment of your day. It has become a constant companion and driving force to all your actions and definition of your Being.

And so, Love now encompasses ready compassion for all Beings and an empathy and understanding of others that comes so natural to you. Yet, while you encompass all Beings, you also remain detached in a way that compels you to allow others to walk their own path and feel their own pain and learn their lessons on…

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